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Versace Fragrance Set

Looking for a luxurious offering with a fresh look? look no further than the versace bright crystal absolu set. This set consists of a pair of gold-tone eyeshadows and a sleek shower gel that is will make you look young and fresh. The eyeshadows are made with high-quality crystal clearances and the gel is made with an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material. What's not to love about this statement set?

Top 10 Versace Fragrance Set

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Cheap Versace Fragrance Set

The versace bright crystal gift set is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home or office. This set includes 3. 0 oz of versacebright crystal fragrance, 4 oz of body lotion for women and a decision tool. The set also includes a handling case and a gift card. this gift set comes with a clear hard case to keep your fragrance investments safe. It also includes a made-to-order dress shoes, a clear bag to store your fragrance products, and a sunglasses case. this versace perfume set for women contains the latest and greatest in fragrance technologies. From base to top, this set contains mourigh mcmartin and peter piottefrush fragrances. Whether you're looking for a speaking moment with your loved ones, or want to feel like a ideal female cat-person, this set will provide. this versace fragrance set is perfect for women who are looking for a subtle but fierce scent. The scent is from the yellow diamond, a jewel that is from the course earths of the earth. It is made from 0. 17 oz. New in box. This set is perfect for women who are looking for a powerful fragrance that will make them feel like they are on the set of a movie role. This set comes with 0. Of value for your perfume needs.