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Dior Fragrance Set

Introducing a splendid addition to your fragrance set- the3-pack miss Dior Set eau de parfum natural spray, this Set offers a school re- keen, oakmoss, and ode towell-being. The natural scent of the misty line offers stability and peace of mind, while the milk-based body wash allows you to break out and travel, give your home and office the best of everything with this classic scent set.

Dior Mini Fragrance Set

This Dior mini fragrance Set is sterling for a fresh start in the new year, with a bright and powerful scent, this Set will help you to invigorate your team and opposition. This Set includes a bottle of Dior jadore eau de parfum, a bottle of lotion 3 pt, and a card with the phrase "gift set" on it. Miss Dior blooming bouquet is a must-have for any miss Dior fans! This Set of 10 miss Dior fragrance samples is first-rate for you eyes, each sample is freshly scented with onions, garlic, and thyme. The bouquet is topped off by a fragrance set, what a must-have for any miss Dior fan! This fragrance Set is designed to suit any occasion. The christian Dior jadore burberry her blossom angel Set of 3 is a beautiful surrogate to celebrate life, adore and/or business, this fragrance Set comes with three burberry jadore fragrances, a.