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Clinique A Little Happiness Fragrance Set

The clinique a little happiness perfume set is the perfect way to be happy every day. This set includes three fragrances: "happy heart" to celebrate a happy day, "happy bloom" to celebrate a happy year, and "new in bloom" to celebrate a new year. These fragrances are sure to make your day and are sure to bring happiness to your life.

Clinique A Little Happiness Fragrance Set Target

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Clinique A Little Happiness Fragrance Set Walmart

The clinique a little happiness perfume set is the perfect way to start the year - with a little happiness! 3 oz perfume in a tin box, perfect for travel. This clinique a little happiness set of three perfumes will happy houvelle your home and make you feel a little happiness Happy happiness. If you're looking for a fresh and happy fragrance set, this is the set for you! The clinique a little happiness perfume spray is packed with fresh and delicious flavors, making it perfect for a quick, easy day's wear. Whether you're going for a little happiness or a little happiness in disguise, this set will help you achieve both! This clinique 3-pieces. A little happiness fragrance set. Is a clean and fresh scent that will add a little bit of happiness to your life. This set includes a head/ear & body lotion, a highlighter, and a candle.